Thursday, March 20, 2008

As usual, the middle of the week is fairly hectic. Those are three long days, between office hours, teaching (four and a half hour classes!) commuting, and ensemble rehearsal. However, I did post a couple of new listings in the last two or three days.

The most recent is Fiesta II. This color combination and design got a lot of attention the first time out, and several people have asked that I repeat it. While every set is unique, there are some that are more easily added to. I don't want to say "duplicated." I varied the stripe pattern for these. You can see more pictures over on Etsy!

I also made a spring crunch set, veined in silvered ivory stringer. When I first got my crunch press I wasn't sure I liked it, because the bead ends weren't nice and even. I've loosened up a lot, having seen all those wonderful crunch beads out there from excellent artists. So I pulled out my crunch press, and I think I'll be making a lot more of these as I prepare for the Down The Street Bead Show. Anyway, here are some green crunch beads. The dots are sterling silver from the stringer:

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