Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quark Beads and Happy Corgwyn

On the personal front, my Corgi has recovered (I thought I was going to lose him). While I worked in the back yard yesterday after work, weeding the small starter raspberry patch and beginning to clear out debris (the previous owners didn't clear out any fallen limbs, just stacked the brush in corners of the yard), I brought Piglet out to sit in the weeds-that-pretend-to-be-grass.

Able to walk around or not, that is definitely a happy Corgi.

Meanwhile, I have been experimenting with quark beads. Mine are not well-defined, but I want to keep playing with them. Part of the problem with mine is color balance and the type of stringers I used. If I make some brighter twisties and a couple of rose petal stringers, I think the beads will be more interesting. I was also beginning with too large an initial barrel. And look at that sharp pointy end! Feh. The nice dimpled end you can't see because this was a fast snap and I didn't focus it right.

You can see a video on making quark beads on You Tube.

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