Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Public Shout-Out to C&T Designs

Curt at C&T Designs is another person to whom I need to say a public "Thank you!". I buy all my niobium, bronze, and square copper rings from Curt, because his quality is so good. However, I also get rings from Curt because he is just a really nice guy.

In a past post I mentioned that I was struggling with HP 3-1, an easy weave, but the dickens to get started! I also commented about my struggles on Twitter. Curt Twitters, as well, and asked me what tutorials I was using. I mentioned them, and he sent me his own tutorial on HP 3-1, which gave the absolutely clearest description that I have yet seen of the dimensionality of that weave. The tutorial helped me figure out the 3-1 weave, as you can see. These are rings that I cut, and are not up to the standard of Curt's. I wanted to try the weave with the size rings Curt recommended, and I was too impatient to order some of his excellent rings. I don't mind cutting a few rings with a jewellery saw to see if I like the weave enough to do it again, but anything more than a bracelet's worth of rings in soft copper and I go running to the store! Life is too short.

Anyway, I had to try again, this time combining larger rings in copper and bronze. Next I think I could alternate them.

But then I had to try helm chain, and managed that, too. I really like helm chain; it is an odd combination of incredibly easy and flat-out annoying, but the result is lovely, like a Celtic knotowrk border. Next time, though, I am buying the rings for that weave; never again am I cutting 1/8" rings with my hand saw. I have a teeny blade that gives me a nice flush cut, but oy, the labor in keeping an even cut on a weeny surface! Curt earns every penny he charges on those rings, and I am happy to pay it!

Curt is also very nice about cutting custom rings for people, and doing other things (we are talking about adding a liver-of-sulfur patina to the square copper rings, as I have a neighbor who wants a bracelet with a darker finish). He's also the original seller of the anodized rainbow niobium rings.

You can see the helm chain and the first HP 3-1 bracelets over at my 1000 Markets shop.