Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thank You, Studio Marcy!

One of the things I really, really like about my local ISGB chapter, "Southern Flames," is that everyone there is so helpful. We're all interested in each other's success, and everyone is just genuinely supportive. One great example is Marcy Lamberson, aka Studio Marcy, Marcy makes the most wonderful, humorous, just plain funny beads out there. She has a fantastic sense of humor when it comes to beads -- check out Kayla the Panda Hula Dancer, or the woman who wants to be kissed under the mistletoe!

But Marcy is a genuinely cheerful person outside the studio as well. I still laugh when I think of the both of us outside Beads by Design, where Southern Flames meets (Thank you, Stephanie!). We were both buying glass from another Southern Flames member who had extra in his car, and there in the dark, weighing out glass, we were cracking all kinds of mafia jokes :)

Marcy is also generous of spirit, and when we are all working on beads for Beads of Courage offers mini-tutorials, sharing techniques freely--something increasingly rare. She features Southern Flames members on her blog--and I am her latest feature. If you are in the ATL area on the 12th of December, make sure you stop by Janke Studios, where Marcy will be demoing lampwork!

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