Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some things only a sister ....

can get away with! No, really, this is seriously cool. First, though, some background: I have a couple pairs of riotously coloured socks from Sol-Mate--see the picture from's website, above. Each pair is deliberately mismatched in pattern, though they stay with the same yarns. If you get several pair in similar tonalities, though, it really doesn't matter what two you grab! I love wearing them; they are cheerful, and make me grin. And they are wonderful for wearing through security at an airport. You just can't take the delays too seriously when you are wearing blueberry, crocus, purple, orange, and fuschia socks. Want your own? You can get them at

My sister Leslie, of Iron Mountain Jewelry, sells frit to finance her own frit habit, and has begun to make her own unique blends. If you melt glass in the 90-104 range, you should try them some time! Anyway, she always kids me about my "crazy knit striped eye-assaultingly bright mismatched" socks, and ... tada!!! She is making me some crazy sock frit! She has installment one done, the opaque colors. The frit looks like tons of fun! I
m eagerly awaiting the transparent / translucent colors, though--something about the purple / orange / fuschia / lime combination just makes me want to get up and dance. Wearing the socks, of course.


Rocki said...

I'm a big fan of lampwork beads and am always amazed with the creative art of them.

Love those colorful socks! WOW - your sis did a great job!

one-eared pig said...

I love the frit! And those socks are to die for. I am going to check out the site.

Four Tails Lampwork said...

Aren't they fun? They are my favorite socks. It's impossible to be down when one is wearing them.

And do check out Leslie's frit site--she has great prices and excellent selection!

My Little Halo said...

I love those socks, so pretty!