Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm On a New Market Site

1000 Markets is a really exciting new online marketplace for handcrafted, handmade items. It's only been up for five weeks, but already there are some wonderful, professional artisan crafters there.

The site is set up as a series of markets. Right now each shop sells in only one marketplace, but that may change. Some of the markets that exist are the Handmade Haven, for many things specifically hand-crafted (not digitally created), Wear It Out, for jewelry and clothing at a lower price point ($100 and under), Foodcrafters Marketplace (I could gain serious weight here), and Child's Play, for items for children. The marketplace structure accommodates regional groups, such as the San Juan Island Crafters.

The site currently has no international support, but plans for that are in the works. It uses Amazon Payments, and charges no listing fee. Amazon payments use a higher percentage of the sale than EBAY or ETSY (5.5% plus &.50), but there are no PayPal fees or listing fees, and therefore the fee structure for merchants is comparable. There are fora for customers and merchants, and fora just for merchants. More to the point, it appears that the founders--who are extremely helpful and responsive--have studied other online marketing sites and are doing their best to avoid many of the problems that have arisen over time at those sites.

Sales are slow right now (so go over and check out the shops!), but, as I said earlier, the site is in its very early stages of existence. I am extremely impressed with what I have seen so far. Come on and visit!


Frostfire said...

I saw your tweet about 1000 Markets the other day and promptly went over and signed up. I don't have the shop open yet because I still have work to do on it, but soon, dear, soon!

Have you figured out how to set up a Market there?

Four Tails Lampwork said...

I think we suggest it and they implement it. It would be nice to have a Glass Haven Market or a Glass Haven collective.