Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introducing the ESST Street Team: Dainty Pretty Crafts

This is the next in my series about the wonderful peeps of Team ESST. Today's topic is:

Okay,I admit it -- I have a bias toward paper crafts; I did bookbinding as a hobby for many years before being seduced by the lure of molten glass. Dainty Pretty Crafts has a wonderful shop. She sells card-stock paper pillow boxes in arrays of wonderful colors and prints. Her color and pattern choices range from the cute to the elegant and arty, as you can see here: . Every box is beautifully crafted, to boot, and at $1 a box, you can't go wrong.

Dainty Pretty Crafts also has fold-out pop up cards that are just exquisite. She has space in her shop for handmade envelopes, which, when she lists them, will be (I am sure) every bit as carefully crafted as her cards. She has gift boxes as well.

Lavish some love on this wonderful shop! If you'd like to find older posts in this series, search for the tag ESST members.

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