Saturday, October 18, 2008

Introducing the ESST Street Team: Crostini VS

This is the next in my series about the wonderful peeps of Team ESST! MMMM, crostini were some of my favorite treats when I visited Rome, and so it is only fitting that Crostini*VS sells both vintage and some of my favorite supplies!

Crostini's shop announcement says that she is "Specializing in "hard-to-find" vintage papers and fabrics, fiber supplies, plus "Wicked Cool" project packs to jumpstart your own creative endeavors!" -- and it is true. Just check out some of the papers and fabrics she has! Of course, as an historian In Real Life, my attention was grabbed by her paper pack of vintage Boston photos and her 1981 continent maps. Since when was 1981 well over a quarter of a century ago? Wasnt' that when I entered college? But I digress.

Crostini's just starting out, so her shop is still small. But her offerings (which also include upcycled and handmade craft items) are, in her own words, wicked cool -- check her out! She's got 18 sales so far, so send some love her way.

If you'd like to find older posts in this series, search for the tag ESST members.

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