Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ready for Valentine's Day

I haven't shown any new work for a while, so I thought I would share some pictures of heart pendants that I have been working on lately. I'll also leave you with an ear-worm at the end, so you Have Been Warned.

Heart pendants are fun to make. Sometimes they have long, graceful points with nice smooth ends, and other times one gets a short, fat, stubby heart. Like human beings, they're all beautiful in their own ways.

The sole exception are the hearts with poor loops--thin and breakable ones, poorly attached ones, really fugly ones. Those I take out of my kiln and give to friends as window ornaments, or hang them from my fruit trees in a futile effort to keep the birds from getting all my plums! As I take them out of the kiln, I find myself singing, "Please take away my heart ... my poopy loopy heart ... "

Admit it. You knew that one was coming. If you get an earworm from it, don't say I didn't warn you!

1 comment:

Nan said...

I'm envisioning those birds trying to figure out why one plum is made of something inedible!

We have grapes to protect here..:)

We haven't tried hearts as yet - We've got some good owls though - Maybe we should put some on the grape arbors as deterrents. I like it!

I enjoy your beads - Thanks for sharing
Nancy -