Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pantone Spring 2009 Colors

Pantone has released the Spring 2009 color report. From the language, it looks as if they are trying to reflect hope and optimism, while recognizing that people are searching for stability and are conscious of the need to conserve. As always, fashion language seems to be talking to someone other than me, a long-time frugalista--but the colors are useful when planning my offerings for spring!

From the report: "Top Ten Colors for Spring 2009."
PANTONE 18-4043 Palace Blue
PANTONE 15-3817 Lavender
PANTONE 14-0754 Super Lemon PANTONE 15-1626 Salmon Rose
PANTONE 18-2328 Fuchsia Red
PANTONE 14-1307 Rose Dust
PANTONE 16-5804 Slate Gray
PANTONE 16-6339 Vibrant Green
PANTONE 16-0435 Dark Citron
PANTONE 14-5714 Lucite Green

Fall '08 saw blue and purple rise to the forefront of fashion. As is often true, colors evolve from season to season, and spring '09 is no exception. Palace Blue, a favorite among designers this season, takes a steadfast, classic, spring navy-like tone and makes it sparkle. Paired with just about any color in the report, it offers many intriguing spring combinations. Taking purple in a lighter direction, Lavender presents a softer, more summery hue, extending the mystical aspects of purple available last fall."

You can see the original, from which I took my text, here.

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