Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blew it again!

Yes, I disappeared. Eeek! I am back home, the house is swamped out, the students are registered, and life ought to be much more regular (I hope).

Meanwhile, I want to congratulate Maureen McRorie for winning the 2008 Frabel Novice Award! The Frabel Awards are highly competitive and very prestigious, so winning one is an extremely Big Deal in the glass world. Maureen deserves it--both because of her skill and because of just being a Good Human Bean. Maureen is one half of the team that runs our fantastic local glass shop, Flame Tree Glass. The other half is her husband and business partner, Lance McRorie. They are two of the sweetest and most generous people I know. I am in awe of their glass skills, and I learn so much form them just as human beings.

When you look at Maureen's stuff, of course, the word "novice" does not come to mind. Here's her winning entry:

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kelleysbeads said...

Wow, I wouldn't even begin to know where to start with making this piece. Hard to believe this is considered novice level because Maureen's work is outstanding!