Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have Applied For ...

the Indie Craft Experience show here in Atlanta. Both Art of the Firebird and I are applying, but separately; the booth size is so small that we really can't share a table. We do plan to put our tables together, though, so we can use the same credit card machine.

They wanted some pictures, and so I gave them pictures of my loose beads. They also want finished jewelry, so I re-photographed some of the jewelry and fan pulls that I've made. Everything is sterling silver, of course, except for the fan pulls, which are brass.

It sounds as if it would be fun to do, though in the current economy I hope we break even. I did spectacularly well at the last Down the Street Bead Show, but that was before the economic bail-out!


Designing Hilary said...

Don't worry about the economic bail-out (oops, we're supposed to call it "rescue") ... people are still shopping.

I did fairly well at my open house this weekend. I didn't have to pay for space, other than the share of the mortgage for the space and time! *lol* But I did spend a tidy sum on food and drink.

I was pleasantly surprised, ladies still spend on pretty things. :o)

I wish you the best! Your work is beautiful.

Four Tails Lampwork said...

Thank you! And let's hope the ... errr .... rescue .... works well for all.