Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show Postmortem

By Friday, I was getting pretty worried! Here in Atlanta we've had a pretty severe gasoline crunch. It hasn't been as bad as the problems in Tennessee, but it hasn't been pretty, either. People have reported waiting in lines up to forty minutes long for gas, stalking fuel tankers, and even seeing owners of small stations carrying shotguns. It was a mess by anyone's standards, and I was afraid it would mean no patrons at the show.

While it wasn't the highest-grossing show ever, we actually did pretty decently, given the circumstances. Unusually for me and my partnership with Art of the Firebird, who makes awesome beads, I was the top seller of the pair of us. I think my style is just "fall like". I need to find a way to translate that into spring and winter shows, though! One of the things that helped all of us is that, while there were six lampwork booths at the show, not one of us had precisely the same style. Some people, like Dogmaw, had things that nobody else had--her shank buttons were wonderful!

And no matter if you make tonnes of money, make nothing, or something in between, it's always fun to do a bead show. We got to talk with other vendors that we see infrequently, and see what's out there, and just hang out with some very cool people. Dogmaw of Dogmaw Glass was next to us, and we had a fine time. What's not to like?

Here are some pictures of our booth. Note the new lights that Frostfire's husband made!

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