Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rainbow Cane Redux

Some while ago, I posted about learning to pull rainbow cane. When I was at work, I had given a piece of the cane to the Dean's secretary; she has a small glass collection, and she had thought the cane was lovely.

Apparently one of my other colleagues was in, and he noticed the cane, and was very interested in how it was made. I may be making a convert to glasswork, who knows! At the very least, he has checked out my Etsy shop. I think the point of this short musing--short, because I am stealing time from student registration--is to point out that you never know who will see your work or where; anything can be an advertisement. It is good to put yourself out there and to remember to be professional as you do.


Frostfire said...

Ha ha! I managed to pimp our trunk show next weekend during our department meeting yesterday ::G::. Whenever you see an opportunity, grab it indeed!

CreekHiker said...

I have a lampwork buddy who hikes and fishes regularly...always, ALWAYS wearing her work. And in her back pocket, a stack of business cards just waiting for that lady on the trail who invariably asks, "Where did you EVER get such a great necklace?"

"Why, I made it. Here's my card."

She's sold more stuff to people she's met in the wilderness!