Monday, August 4, 2008

Introducting the ESST Team Members: Chez Michelle

This is the next in my series about the wonderful peeps of Team ESST! Here's introducing a team member with a really unique shop, Chez Michelle!..

Chez Michelle sells primarily suncatcher eyes. What is a suncatcher eye? You've seen them all your life--they're the remarkably brilliant eyes in your favorite stuffed animal. However, she doesn't have anything nearly as scary as Dr. Coppelius' long coat full of eyes. However, she does have eye pairs, clear pairs, colorful pairs, and truly beautiful pairs--none, however, will make you see an automaton as a live human :) Chez Michelle's are helpfully sorted by size, from 6mm to 20mm. You can also buy packs of assorted sizes, and you can even get kits to paint your own.

New to stuffed animal making? Chez Michelle has other cute options.

You can buy some darling hand-crocheted amigurumi animals, or even get the patterns to crochet your own. And, of course, you can pick up the all important eyes to stitch on at the same time!

Chez Michelle is located in Maine and has an impressive 670 sales. She's had some illness in the family (good thoughts, please!), but that's slowed her down only a little, and from the sales, it doesn't look as if her customers have any worries other than to send her well wishes. Stop by if you make stuffed animals ... or just love glassy, beautiful eyes.

If you'd like to find older posts in this series, search for the tag ESST members.

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Suncatcher said...

Thank you so much for your review of my shop! I just found your blog today.

P.S. My dog is the same color and size as yours :) My Oliver is half poodle/half Boston terrier.

(ChezMichelle on Etsy)