Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of Fawns and Glass ....

And, of course, 130+ pound Great Danes who think they are teeny tiny itty bitty dogs. You can see more pictures of the Dane and the fawn at my sister's Fawn Folio (see left navbar). Jet, the fawn, is absolutely darling--and a real pig when it comes to carrots and lettuce and grass. It took him a while to learn to trust me. I was actually of two minds, because frankly the fewer humans he trusts the better, if he's going to live wild. But he;s such a loving little critter, and comes over and gives tiny sloppy fawn kisses when I'm not looking. I
know that a lot of that is pure looking for food--after all, I have given him his bottle and his carrots, and his lettuce, and the treats--raisins and nuts and other dried things.
He'll come up to me now when we are outside--the other day he was racing around with Draco, who is so huge I keep him in sight when he's loose on the property lest he inadvertently scare one of the neighbors. He does not like the neighbor who holds the property next to the tract my brother-in-law holds out near Karnes City, so even though he's an utterly gentle lummox I watch him when we're on the home place, too--just in case. Anyway, he and Jet had raced around like mad things,
and Drake was utterly blown. Jet was just getting started--yet he came right up to me (food? food?) and then wandered off. While most of the time Jet comes in--and, believe it or not, is starting to behousebroken!--sometimes he stays out all night.

While my sister is at work I have gotten to play in her studio, trying out presses, glasses, and frits that I don't have myself. As a result, I've done mostly frit beads--one does not want to use up other people's stock of fine silver foil (at $15.00 a pack), mesh (at $7.00 a square) or rare glasses. I have blown some shards for her, and want to do a few more -- she has a wider blow tube than I do, and it makes blowing the shards easier. I need to get one that diameter! I had thought it would make blowing the shards harder, but it was easier. Anyway, I've had fun with Bullseye glass, seeing what colours I want to order. I like the earth tones, and the blues. Vetrofond seashell swirl and raku frit remain a favorite, of course,
but some of the BE reds, pinks, and blues are lovely. I made some this morning that are peach-coloured before the kiln; we'll see what happens when I pull them out of it this evening.

There's another Vetrofond oddlot named "Moon Rock" that also does beautifully with raku, and it matches the tonality of seashell swirl. I made a large tab of that, with some SIS to finish it off. Anyway, though the pictures are a little dark--I haven't figured out the white balance with a background like this--here's the eye candy I promised--at least the first installment.

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