Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Looking for Lawn Care?

I'd like to introduce any local readers to a wonderful lawn service, run by Barry McKenney. Barry's service is not only an excellent start-up in and of itself, but it is an example of how a good neighborhood can function.

When I was looking for a house, my ensemble conductor recommended his neighborhood. It's a working class neighborhood filled with 1960s saltbox ranches, but its remained stable since it was built. He lives in the original farmhouse on the property (and does without air conditioning in the Georgia heat, for which I salute him!). He mentioned that there were two houses on his street for sale.

I looked, and looked again, and finally bought. In my old neighborhood, it took four years to know just a few of my neighbors. Here I know everyone three houses down. We all watch out for each other. The Vietnamese landlord who owns his own house and the rental next door comes to help if I need home repair, and I bake treats for him, his wife, and children. The kids wave excitedly when I go by, and I wave back. He gets good, stable, quiet tenants, whose kids do odd jobs in the area. The bartender across the street notices everyone, and has been known to check up on people if their patterns change or he sees something wrong. The only exception has been the rental on the other side of me; its owner does no repair unless we neighbors force him to using county laws -- but we band together, which is how I met my neighbors is HIS direction.

It's a good place to live! So when my ensemble conductor was having someone work on his yard, it turned out to be Barry, a long-time friend of J's who has just begun a start-up business. J, who needs to sell his house so he can go to graduate school to get his doctorate, decided that it would be good to put his money where his friend is, and has hired B to keep up his huge yard. I visit J often, as I usually care for his two dogs when he is out of town, and he checks on my cats when I am gone. I was over getting blueberries and returning J's wandering puppy. My back yard was a jungle, because my mower had died before I could get the yard finished. (And I mean DIED. Kaput. No more mower.) I was tired, and hot, and so I asked Barry how much he would charge to do my backyard. He worked me in, and lo, it was BEAUTIFUL!! Which is saying something, 'cos it's still mostly weeds :) And his price was more than reasonable--plus he checked to see if I was happy with the job.

So there you have it--a working neighborhood, full of Hispanics and blacks and Vietnamese and Russians and Eritreans and Somalians and academic white chicks and everyone else under the sun, all being neighborly. And the neighborhood connections produced a tie to a great start-up, which I herewith recommend.

Community Lawn Care
Barry McKenney

Serving Metro Atlanta, GA

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