Sunday, July 27, 2008

Introducing the ESST Street Team: ButtonHole

This is the next in my series about the wonderful peeps of Team ESST! Here's introducing The Button Hole.

ButtonHole's banner is so cute and well-done I had to reproduce it here! Like many supply sellers, ButtonHole carries both her eponymous product and practical small items made using that product. Most obviously, she has buttons -- lots of them! You can search by vintage grab-bag style, or by color / type. However, if you like buttons, and are up t your ears crafting your own stuff, you can pick up button-adorned items for yourself or your friends right here.

There's button magnets, and brooches, and cards / tags, all made with buttons! Perhaps the most clever items are her button bouquets. Real flowers are, of course, lovely--but for the crafter in your life, or the person allergic to plants, here's a bouquet sure to please.

ButtonHole has 227 sales so far, and everyone seems 100% happy -- shop with confidence!

If you'd like to find older posts in this series, search for the tag ESST members.

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