Monday, June 23, 2008

Mosaic Art Glass Pieces

A couple of weeks ago I was floored to find out that my cracked beads, broken beads, and wonkies were usable! Carla of CarDon Creative Designs was very happy to get several ounces of beads and bead bits to use in mosaics. I'm really excited to see her finished products!

Because of that, I've started to sort my bits n' pieces into color ranges, and have begun to list them on ETSY. Right now I have black tones, yellow / oranges, pink/purples, blues, and greens. CarDon needed a good bit of pink and purple, so those tones are mixed, and I don't do an awful lot with oranges or yellows in general. Blues, yes--I love working with blue, and green as well. Plus I have been playing around with the combination of light turquoise and clear colors in the base range, following Kandice's Coloraddiction blog, which always has such wonderful color references!

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