Monday, June 30, 2008

Introducing the ESST Street Team: Artful Mosaic Supplies

All of my street teams have wonderful members; between at least three of them there is a lot of crossover and mutual membership. The fourth is a supply street team, and over on the Etsy forums there's been a lot of disdain and outright hostility toward supply sellers recently.

However, supplies, commercial or handmade, are a viable part of ETSY, and I think we supply sellers belong there. Yes, lampwork can be seen as tiny pieces of art, but ETSY classifies us as handmade supplies.

Hand-cut glass shows up in the first person on my street team, Artful Mosaic Supplies. Artful has got a wonderful shop and feedback rating. She carries glass squares, colored grout sand, decorative bits, beads, and anything else you might think of that you would need to make a mosaic. Some of her stuff is extremely unique; you won't find those patterns or backgrounds anywhere else. On top of that she's a great teammate!

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Artful Mosaics By Dana said...

Thank you for including me in your fantastic blog!