Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back from the show!

Dogmaw and I had a good time in Charleston at the Down the Street Bead Show. We enjoyed talking to everyone, and her husband Chris's bead "critters" were best sellers. Kudos to all who came out despite the weather! And we ate ... oh, my. Friends told us to go to the Boulevard Diner, and they weren't wrong. Spinach-potato pancakes with crab remoulade sauce, grouper sandwich, and shrimp etouffee ... oh, man.

Meanwhile, my sister sent me some pictures. The other day my BiL saw a deer lying on the side of the road, and he stopped to make sure it was dead and not lying there suffering. The doe was dead, but there was a bitty fawn shivering near momma. M brought him home; they are feeding him goat's milk with the right additive for deer growth. At first they thought it was a doe, too, and they were hoping to release him to the deer family on their property, but the baby's a buck. Looks as if one of the doctors, who is caring for "Jet" while M and L are away, will take him over; the guy as a large amount of acreage, runs cattle, and doesn't allow hunters. If Jet can't readapt to the wild, he can live on Doc X's fenced property. Deer fencing can work the other way ... we hope.

Once Jet discovered what a bottle was for ....

Oops! walking on the slick Pergo isn't for babies.

Umm ... no, Draco, this isn't a snack.

He's so BITTY when he curls up! Look at Jet's size relative to Nosemonster and Sasquatch:

And here: the picture perfect publicity shot:

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Glassgardenswhatnot said...

Bless his heart! He is tiny, I hope he does well.