Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whew! Back from the Show

We had a fantastic time! Gwacie and Dogmaw hit it off instantly, and the four of us--me, Gwacie, Dogmaw, and Frostfire--all had a lovely time at the show. I think we all did well, and Gwacie gave me some tips that I just hadn't thought of about lighting, backgrounds, and timing. She has a lot of experience, and I am always happy to get suggestions by people who have experience.

At home, even my shyest cats came out, as both Dogmaw and Gwacie are animal lovers. Of course, the cats made a beeline for the person who was allergic to them :) What can I say? They are cats.

And all hail Supermomma, who made me a spectacular card holder that garnered a lot of attention. I'll talk more about it tomorrow and add a picture. I handed out a lot of her cards, too--it is hard to impress glass people, and her work did.

Meanwhile, I have a new ETSY listing!

Other listings have changed somewhat, because many people wanted only two or three beads from each set. So check back and see what's new and improved!

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