Friday, April 4, 2008

Preparations and Good News

First the good news. Click the link and spread the word!
Team Cassiebug auctions now live on Ebay! Collectibles, BPAL, handicrafts and more! All proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Meanwhile, Gwacie arrived last night. After a dinner of excellent Vietnamese pho, we talked beads, dogs, beads, family, beads, glass, and beads. Today is torch time, and tomorrow we will both be at the Down The Street Bead Show at the Cobb Galleria. Art of the Firebird and I usually share tables, as we both work full-time and neither of us can fill a table alone, and Gwacie will be at the next booth, ably assisted by the fabulous Dogmaw. If you are in the Atlanta area, come visit!

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Frostfire said...

Sorry I didn't join you tonight, but I'm rather enjoying sitting here watching Mr. Boots venture out to explore the house. Right now he and Donovan are doing the "sphinx cat" thing about four feet apart, staring at each other again. I think neither of them can quite decide if it's safe to be friends!