Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back to Organics, Take Purple

I try all kinds of lampwork techniques--guess I am fundamentally a lampwork dilettante rather than a craft master of a single approach. Today I am back to my main love, though--organics. I started withe a purple base and layered twisties in various reactive colors over it. The result was an earring set that reminds me of the Southwestern landscape.

Oh, you want to see it? Here you go!

Purple stayed on my mind when I was at the torch. Here's a fan pull that can also work as a finial -- very clever design for which I can take no credit at all. This violet swirl laced with veins of silvered ivory stringer would look lovely in any room--a piece of functional, practical, unique art.

How do fan pulls work? You begin with a base wound around a threaded socket: .Then you add a brass fan pull adapter: That means the fan pull can act as a lamp finial, too.

Finally, put it all together (if you sing "Bibbidibobbidiboo," please do so quietly so as not to disturb your neighbours or give anyone an ear-worm) and you have:

A fan pull! This one is on ETSY, too.

And as always, thanks for looking!

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